Italian villas have a romantic reputation, portrayed - often as the unintentional star - in movies and on television and described with literary prose in books. Just the mere image of those stone houses, some centuries old, can inspire even the most jaded of travelers. Understandably so, because Italian villas aren't just accommodations, and Italy isn't just any country. The food, the wine, the passionate people…you could spend weeks, months, traversing its boot and never encounter the same experience twice. Italy is laden with history and laced with natural beauty.

Welcome to Casa San Tommaso. A beautifully renovated studio apartment situated in the heart of the world renowned Amalfi coast. Located only 7 km’s from the glamorous Positano and a mere 6km’s from the former sea power Amalfi, if peace and tranquility is what you’re searching for then look no further.

Praiano is the smaller and more laid-back of all the towns perched on the spectacular coast. It lacks the hussle and bussle of Positano and Amalfi but makes up with it’s character, beauty and authenticity.

If you’re searching for a romantic break then Praiano and Casa San Tommaso will serve your every need and desire.

Via San Tommaso 3, Praiano, Salerno, Italy